Merry Christmas, We Could’ve Died 

     In an instant it went from a fun day in the snow to panic. Everything went so slow yet it seemed like an instant at the same time. I starred into the face of the other driver as he tried desperately to control his car barreling towards us but there was nothing he could do. 

  The day was like most winter holidays in our family. It’s become a bit of a tradition that either Thanksgiving and/or Christmas we go snow wheeling. We had heard of snow being on granite hill so the decision was easy. We loaded up with gas, food and water in case we got stuck or anything and to ease our mother’s mind. And my camera of course. My mom had asked me to take my brother’s senior pictures but I wanted them to be a bit less traditional than normal senior pictures. Photographing him posing in a field or in a football jersey would not capture Gabe. Him in the snow with his truck however, that’s far more realistic. Anyways, we loaded up and took off toward the mountain for a little bit of wheeling in the snow. We immediately noticed the amount of ice on the road but I trust Gabe and his driving abilities so neither of us were nervous. We went up the top, took some pictures and began our way back down. 

     I hesitated putting on my seat belt because I was getting some water, playing with my camera, basically just fiddling around. But eventually I buckled up. No more than a few short seconds of clicking my seat belt, a truck came barreling around the corner up the mountain and heading straight towards us. Gabe and the other driver immediately saw each other. Gabe tried to slam on the breaks but the road was icy and the other car was coming too fast. It all seemed to happen in an instant but in slow motion as well. I starred at the driver’s panicked face as he realized what was happening. It happened too fast to be scared and after there was too much adrenaline pumping to feel anything. With the force of the impact everything became real. “Are you ok? Did you hit your head?” I flew so far forward that Gabe thought I had hit the windshield. Luckily I had just been hurt by the seat belt because I’m a pretty small person. I’m a little scratched and bruised from the impact but that’s the worse of the injuries sustained in the crash. 

    The impact crushed the front of the truck. The doors wouldn’t open properly and the radiator was leaking. We are 3000 feet up, the truck won’t run and there is no cell service. We began coasting Gabe’s totaled truck down the mountain. By some miracle I got service for a moment to call our dad. We got the truck home. We are sore. The truck is totaled. It wasn’t the ideal way to end a carefree Christmas Day in the mountains but we are grateful that it wasn’t worse. 


If You Give A Goose A Camera

So this was actually a couple of weeks ago because I’m a loser and don’t unload in a timely manner. Our goal was to go up to Onion Mountain Lookout, a little gem of Southern Oregon but we were satisfied with just finding lovely spots along the way to take pictures and also it was getting rather snowy and while we all live in Oregon, we are not confident in our snow driving skills. But anyways, mountain drives with treasured friends are always a great idea. Well, unless you get stuck in the snow or crash. But most of the time they are pretty great. These two in particular are such a blessing to me. We’ve known each other since elementary school and their loyalty and willingness to stand by my side when I do stupid shit is something that I am incredibly grateful for. Ok, enough of this mushy gushy I love them shit. Just look at the pictures, or don’t. It’s up to you.

See this lovely little friend of mine? Her name is Maddie aka Moody Madeline. She blogs and photographs and her Instagram is straight FIRE. Like it’s actual goals. I want to be her. But since that isn’t possible, I’m content being able to call her one of my closest friends. So go check out her blog and Instagram, both called Moody Madeline. See if you can spot me and my photography on her medias.

Fancy Seeing You Here

Welcome to my blog aka public diary. If the title was available this would be called “let me share too much information while telling you personal stories and you will maybe laugh at me as I try to find my way through beginning adulthood, college and Greek Life and also I like to take pictures” but I’m afraid that I’m gonna need a catchier blog handle. At this point I’m not sure what this blog is even called so here’s a reminder for me to insert the real name. I’m not really sure why I’m starting this. Mostly because I need a place to post pictures besides Instagram and maybe to share my thoughts. You probably don’t actually want to hear those but just in case you wanted a glimpse into the life of a 20 year old college student, today is your day! Congratulations! I’m mostly starting this as a place to keep my photos and be creative. I’ve also heard that people get free stuff so let’s face it, that’s the real reason I’m doing this. As soon as this goes public, I’ll be sitting by the fireplace waiting for my notifications to start going crazy with all brands who want to send me stuff. I’ve actually been typing journal entries for a while because sometimes I physically can’t write. Maybe I’ll get more into that sometime later. That’s much more of a 5th date kind of thing. Like a we know each other a bit more, getting a little bit serious and willing to be more vulnerable kind of thing.

So here’s a tiny bit about me. I’m 20, as previously mentioned and a college student, also mentioned. I try my absolute hardest to do as little school work as possible while maintaining my grades. Studying is not really my forte which is not something you would guess for a perspective teacher. I do however enjoy making plans to “study” with friends and then do about 7 minutes of studying and fuck around the rest of the time. It’s a pretty good life. Hmmm, what else about me. I’m going to tell you something a little bit scary in the next sentence but don’t click away just yet. Are we ready? I’m gluten free and vegan. Ok, it’s out. How many of you are still here? Don’t worry guys, I won’t try to shove it down your throat to stop eating animal products. I’m actually not vegan because of animal rights, I’m simply allergic to pretty much everything. Also gluten free, not for the lifestyle but again, because my body hates me. Anyways, that’s not exciting. Are you even still reading this?

A biography about me would not be complete without gloating about my family. I love them, dysfunction and all. I have four brothers, and my parents of course. My little brother is the cutest thing. He’s 16 though and doesn’t like to be called cute so don’t tell him I said that. Pretty much every holiday, Gabe, my little brother, and I go wheeling. So stay tuned for pictures of that. My life is basically me trying to balance conservative podunk Grants Pass, Oregon and going to a liberal university. It doesn’t always work out well. Actually it’s often, for lack of better terms, a clusterfuck. But who’s life isn’t a clusterfuck, am I right? When I’m home in Grants Pass, I’m in the mountains, doing photoshoots with friends and hiking with my puppy. At school it’s all Greek Life and grades. Ah to be 20.

Wow did anyone make it through that? I could hardly make it through that myself. And it’s my life. This is going to be a rough ride. You ready?