If You Give A Goose A Camera

So this was actually a couple of weeks ago because I’m a loser and don’t unload in a timely manner. Our goal was to go up to Onion Mountain Lookout, a little gem of Southern Oregon but we were satisfied with just finding lovely spots along the way to take pictures and also it was getting rather snowy and while we all live in Oregon, we are not confident in our snow driving skills. But anyways, mountain drives with treasured friends are always a great idea. Well, unless you get stuck in the snow or crash. But most of the time they are pretty great. These two in particular are such a blessing to me. We’ve known each other since elementary school and their loyalty and willingness to stand by my side when I do stupid shit is something that I am incredibly grateful for. Ok, enough of this mushy gushy I love them shit. Just look at the pictures, or don’t. It’s up to you.

See this lovely little friend of mine? Her name is Maddie aka Moody Madeline. She blogs and photographs and her Instagram is straight FIRE. Like it’s actual goals. I want to be her. But since that isn’t possible, I’m content being able to call her one of my closest friends. So go check out her blog and Instagram, both called Moody Madeline. See if you can spot me and my photography on her medias.


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