DIY Large Greek Letters 

Hey y’all. Let’s get our DIY on! I hope I can be an inspiration to you since I literally suck at any kind of crafts and these didn’t end up being a total disaster. So if I can do it, you can do it! I believe in you! Anyways these are pretty popular in Greek life. Girls always have their letter hung in their room but there are either pictures online of small ones or super large letters. So here were my options, pay $100 for some online or use my dad’s tools and a bit of elbow grease to make some dope glitter ones. 


•4ft x 4ft x 1/2 inch piece of whatever wood you want



•jigsaw or some tool to cut it out


•glitter duh

•Modge podge 

•acrylic spray sealer (Modge podge is the best)

So first things first, print out your letters in the font you want on paper that can be used in a projecter (ours needs special transparent paper). Then project your letters onto a wall covered in paper and trace that bitch

Once it’s traced, cut that bitch out. I taped up the paper cut out on the wall to make sure it was the proper size and the font looked dope. 

Once it passes those tests, trace it on the wood

Then have your wonderful father cut that bitch out with some power tools. Thanks dad 

Then sand it til it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom 

Next comes the fun part! (I spray painted it first just to make sure no one could see my mistakes when I glittered it) what you gotta do is slap some Modge podge on your letters and pour glitter all over it. Like a lot of glitter. Get that shit everywhere. Leave it for about an hour until it dries a bit and then channel your inner Taylor swift and shake it off. 

Last step it to seal that all in. So don’t be gentle with the sealer spray. You’re gonna need a lot of it. 

Oh wait I lied. The actual last step is to hang it up. And thank your dad for his help. And tah dah! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 


Weekly Globetrotter: Rome, Italy 

Ready for weekly globetrotter? This week we are going to…. Drum roll please… Oh wait you already know because you read the title. So as you can tell by the title we are in Rome, Italy! Rome is rather unique compared to the other places I’ve been (to see where I’ve been read my other enteries in the weekly globetrotter series okie) so we only had like two days in Rome but lemme tell you, we are the best traveling. Like we should win awards. Two days was too much. We were bored by the end because we had seen everything. That being said, Rome is a great stop on a journey through Europe or Italy but I wouldn’t stay for very long. 

The Trevi Fountain was probably my favorite part. Mostly because there is a gelato shop two feet away. And also because I felt like Lizzie McGuire and that’s the best feeling in the world. One day we were wandering around aimlessly and ended up back at the trevi fountain. How did I get so lucky as to live a life where I just stumble upon the Trevi Fountain? It’s a great life. 

Rome is pretty small. You can walk down a seemingly normal Italian road and suddenly there’s the coliseum. It’s unreal. I don’t think I can really describe it. You just have to go. Also there are random Roman ruins everywhere. Like everywhere. 

I almost forgot! We saw a movie being filmed there! So on one side of the road was a film crew and the other side was Roman ruins. What life is this!? 

So here’s my advice for Rome:

Wander down random streets because it’s beautiful and you never know, you might end up at the Trevi Fountain

Prepare for the daily thunderstorm. I’m not sure if it was just the time of year that we went but everyday at like 3 pm it downpoured. The rest of the time it was perfectly beautiful. Italy is weird 

Italy is surprisingly celiac friendly. I’ve never eaten so much pasta in my life. So thank you Italy for allowing me to eat enough gluten free pasta in 3 days to feed a family of four for a year. You da best. 

That’s probably all I have to say for now. You can always check out my insta (rainatayson) if you are missing me or want to see more. #selfpromo 

I’m a Mess. Please Hire Me 

I am applying to begin student teaching in the fall. As i was in the shower today, these words just came to me. People say you have your best thoughts or ideas in the shower (hello! archimedes!) , I don’t think these are my best thoughts but rather me trying to justify how someone who doesn’t like school is going to teach high schoolers. Oh boy, this’ll be a hard sell. Hopefully I come across as different and innovative and not  like I’m a slacker whose students will fail because I don’t like school either. Wish me luck as I go tell the school system why a fool like myself should be left in charge of the success of  16 year olds. thanks bye.

Students are tired of hearing words that mean nothing. Tired of the typical teacher who loves loves loves learning and hopes to inspire her students. While this is great for that teacher and the students who already do love learning, it abandons the others. I am that other student who did not love school. Sure there were teachers that I liked and social aspects that I liked but in all of my years of schooling, with some of the best, most passionate teachers, I did not fall in love with learning. Perhaps it is because I’m rather high energy and sometimes have trouble focusing, perhaps it is due to the teacher only teaching to one learning style, perhaps it is because it is so very difficult to reach each child. I’ve known that I was meant to be a teacher for a very long time. I fought it at first because I’m not passionate about learning or can’t wait to go sit in a desk for hours, learning about a subject that I don’t care about. My school principal and subsequent boss kept pushing me, telling me that I have it in me, that I can do great things, innovative things in this career. I didn’t want to see it, but I knew in my heart that this is exactly what I am meant to do. I didn’t try to deny it because I don’t care or because I don’t want my students to succeed. I denied it for that very reason. I knew I was different from other teachers. I knew that school was not my favorite pastime as a child nor an adult. I knew that sitting in a desk, listening to a teacher ramble on about a subject that I didn’t care about, was not what I wanted my career to look like. But I knew that this was God’s plan for me.

It took me until I was a junior in college to learn how to sit and focus in a classroom. It took until I was in college to realize that I need to approach my students with sympathy and by being relatable. I know that school or Spanish or math is not every student’s passion and drive because I went through it. Now, this does not mean that I am lazy and in turn does not mean that my students will be lazy. I will set that bar high and expect that they reach it and they will. While I am sympathetic, I will not allow any one of my students to whine or complain but rise to their expectations and exceed them. My students will discover who they are as individuals, in the classroom and with others. It took me until my last years of college to learn how to focus in class, what learning styles work for me and how I can use this as an advantage in the classroom. I want to use my struggles in school to show my students that it is okay to not be in love with school but that does not mean that you do not have to try. My class will not be easy, they will grow academically, personally and socially. The day will be filled with activity that incorporates all of the different learning styles. They will come into the classroom prepared to learn about the subject and themselves which are two aspects that will develop concurrently. I will change the way my students think, the way they study and the way they approach life outside of the classroom. It’s going to be a journey. I hope you are ready.

Weekly Globetrotter: Whistler, Canana

Before I even begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge my consistency. Two weeks in a row of globetrotter and I’m feeling myself. Anyways, this week we are going to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It’s one of my favoritist places to visit and it’s right in my backyard. Well not in my backyard but a ten hour car drive away. That’s not the point. The point is that you don’t have to buy a million dollar plane ticket to see a beautiful new world. Wow that was sappy. But I kid you not, whistler has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. As I was looking through these pictures I was sad that I’m not there right now. Ugh love it so much. So basically every summer throughout my childhood included a trip to Whistler so there’s a small, very minute, chance that I love it so much because of the nostalgia. But probably not. You’ll probably like it too. 

      Highly highly recommend doing the peak to peak gondola. It’s exactly how it sounds. You take a gondola up to Whistler mountain and you can play around. We did some rock climbing and general frolicking around. Then you take another gondola to Blackcomb. This ride holds some records for the longest suspended gondola or some shit like that. Idk. But the views 10/10. Gorgeous. And then you get out and frolick some more. So we went on a little hike, that again included great views. Moral of the post, whistler is really pretty. That’s it. That’s all. Just go. 

    We also tried to find the remnants of a train wreck that are still in the forests near Function Junction. The pictures online looked really cool and grungy and my mom was so excited. Kind of a weird thing to be excited about but I’m not gonna question her. We ended up getting really lost and decided to cut our losses and turn back before we found ourselves unable to navigate the forest. So if you go and do end up finding them, please send me a picture or tag me so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks. 

       Probably my favorite “adventure” was kanoeing on Alta Lake. I think I popped out a rib because I’m a fragile soul but I was worth it. No ragrats. I hate myself. 

      Also you’ll love Whistler if you love the Olympics as much as I do. My dad and I played around at the biathlon location and practiced shooting like the athletes do and I have to say, I fucking owned that bitch. Not my dad the bitch but the targets the bitch. What can I say, I like shooting and I’m not bad at it. I’ll just give myself a little pat on the back rn. 

     I’m sure I have a ton more to say about Whistler but you probably won’t want to read that much. I understand. So I’ll leave you there. Check back next week for another guide that will change your life. Okie bye. 

I’m 20 Years Old And Still Get Homesick

I’m 20 years old and still get homesick all the time. Today marked the end of winter break and the harsh reality of real life. I literally hate going back to school so much. I dread it. When I’m here and in a routine I feel fine, it’s getting that routine started again that’s hard. I love my friends here and being around my family too much causes arguments (we put the fun in dysfunctional). Anyways, I always have to adjust back to life at college and it’s never a fun nor tearless adjustment. Wow this is like a way emotional post, so sorry about that but as I said in the beginning of my blogging, this is my public diary so basically you signed up to read this. Lolol. Ok, back to what I was saying (I’m pretty sure I’m adhd or something because I can never stay on task and my attention span is 3 seconds. Like I seriously need to get it together). Anyways, I was already homesick before I even left home. How lame. I even cried saying goodbye to our puppy even though I’ll see her in like a month. Maybe it’s just because I have such a great and fun family who I love. There is always something going on and lots of people to talk to back home but then when I’m at college I come home to one roommate and a cat. It’s just not the same. I mean obviously it’s not going to be the same. Also our apartment is always 5 fucking degrees and it pisses me off. So here I am huddled next to the heater, writing. And I haven’t even looked at if I have any assignments due this week. I’m a mess. I’m pretty much always a little bit of a mess but I think I am especially right now. Hi I’m Raina and I’m a mess.      I did go to a friends house and watch the bachelor which basically means us gossiping and then every now and then saying something to the effect of “wow what a slut” or “that bitch is so annoying” good times. Good times. 

     Stay tuned for more random night thoughts with Raina. Okie bye. 

P.S. Have any of you experienced things like this or am I just being a baby? 

Weekly Globetrotter: Barcelona, Spain

Fridays just got even better because I am starting a weekly travel series. Each Friday I will be blessing your feed with a travel guide to a different place. In the matter of a year I was able to travel to 8 different countries and countless new cities in North America, Central America and Europe. I have surely been bit by the travel bug and I spend any extra dollar that I have on exploring new places. You will probably notice a trend with my traveling experiences. 1. I take like a bazillion pictures and 2. There is, almost without fail, some kind of disaster or drama in each place I visit. Let’s get started.

Today we are going to Barcelona, Spain! This trip has lovingly been named “The Clusterfuck” by many in my travel group of girls.

Honestly one of the highlights and god sends of my visit to Barcelona was Starbucks. After two months of traveling, this was the first time I’d seen a Starbucks and the basic little white girl inside of me was jumping for joy. It’s the little things in life.

The first day was spent exploring the city. Honestly, Barcelona is pretty touristy so I encourage you to break away from the pack, explore some back alleys. Not in a creepy, “Im gonna die” way but you know, step away from the main street. We just kind of walked all over, until we stumbled upon some cool buildings that turned out to be works of Gaudi! There are like three of his buildings on the same street so we kind of killed three birds with one stone. A family asked one of the girls I was with to take a picture for them in front of one of Gaudi’s works, so she did. Apparently she didn’t do a good enough job because they quickly asked another tourist to take another picture of them! It doesn’t sound very funny in this little story but trust me, it was hilarious. So anyways, we made our way to the Sagrada Familia but soon learned that you have to buy tickets a head of time (note this if you want to see the inside.) So we bought tickets for later that evening and went on our way exploring. So the time comes to see the inside and we get lost. Like way lost (that’s another trend you’ll see in my travel series. We get lost a lot). Like we ended up on the wrong side of Barcelona. And we all cried when we realized we would never see the inside of the most magnificent basilica in all the land.

So we stumbled upon Park Guell and felt just like the Cheetah Girls. Except in the Cheetah Girls they don’t tell you that you have to pay to see all the mosaic work on that bench. You know what I’m talking about? Anyways, I was so mad about it costing money (because Barcelona is so expensive and touristy it drove me bananas) that I didn’t even care to look at what I was missing or see how much is cost. However, there is a trail you can follow past the mosaics that takes you to three crosses on the top of a hill. It’s a little bit of a hike but very doable and very worth it. Getting up to the crosses is a bit treacherous because it’s just rock steps without rails or anything and tons of people. The lookout though is gorgeous! You totally have to do that.

By some divine intervention we found our way to the Font Magica and my god was it magical! First, it is in front of the most luxurious museum with layers of fountains along the steps as you climb up. We found ourselves a seat and waiting for the show to begin. It was like something at Disneyland (is the World of Color at Disneyland modeled after this? Because it surely reminded me of it.) Anyways, once the stands were filled with people and the fountains put on their show. Colors and songs and dancing water. Truly magical.

So if you take anything from this post it is that the best things in life are free. The Font Magica and Cross lookout at Park Guell were the highlights of my trip to Barcelona but be prepared that it is very touristy and expensive. The positive to it being touristy is that everyone speaks English, so no problems there! Oh, and it’s on the Mediterranean which is beautiful. Tune in next week to see where we travel next!

P.S. That’s a surprise for all of us because I have yet to plan that post. Haha

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Spilling The Beans on Sorority Secrets 

Get your monograms ready! I’m here to dish the dirt. Not actual dirt but rather things that surprised me about joining Greek life. Not boring things though, there’s some doozies in here. Here we go

-there’s drama. Like kind of a lot. Mostly petty stuff.

-it’s a time commitment. Who’s ready for chapter meetings!

-it costs money but so does literally everything else in the world

-you have to put yourself out there. Surprise! Friendships don’t just magically  develop, it takes effort.

-pictures of everything, everyday, all the time

-you miss them even just during thanksgiving break

-your gdi (God damn independent aka not in Greek life) friends will get tired of how often you talk about your house but you won’t care because Greek life is your life.

-there are rules to follow. Don’t worry though. As long as you don’t get arrested or post pictures underage drinking you’ll be fine.

-sorority girls really do love Starbucks. And uggs. And going to Starbucks in their uggs

-Lilly Pulitzer is queen

-I guarantee that every single member watches Netflix.

-we love a good themed party. Sorry, “function.” Get your togas ready!

-there are rules when it comes to wearing your letters. Just be a presentable, non thot person and you’ll be fine.

-people look at you confused when you call them your sisters

-you will quickly master the sorority squat

-chants and songs and chants and songs

-big/little is a huge deal. Like the hugest deal

-you throw what you know at every waking moment

-they are the sisters I never had but always wanted

In all seriousness though, going Greek is one decision that I have never regretted. It’s nearly the end of winter break and I am so excited to see them! I miss them so much. #gogreek

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Holy Grail Skincare

This has been a transformative year for my skin. And you lucky ducks get to hear all my secrets. First, a little bit of background. I never had super bad acne but I just always had a few spots, some discoloration and anywhere that there was a pimple, a scar was left behind. On top of that, I have incredibly sensitive skin so a lot of skincare products would make my acne worse.


When I was in Greece over the summer, a wonderful little salesman at the market told me I just HAD to try his donkey milk bar soap. He said “You buy this today and tomorrow you come back and buy another one” (because I would love it so much). He also promised it would clear up any acne that I had. So I succumbed to the pressure and bought it. That was the best £4 I’ve ever spent. The soap is light and not drying and cleans my skin without being abrasive. People always turn their noses up when I tell them that I wash my face with donkey milk soap but this is the closest thing to a miracle product that I’ve ever found. Also rumor has it that Cleopatra loved taking donkey milk baths so maybe I’ll turn into some gorgeous Egyptian queen now.

P.S. I only wash my face at night once I have taken all of my makeup off using Simple Makeup Wipes. More than this messes up the skin’s natural balance.


Even with acne or access oil, it is important to keep your skin moisturized or it may begin to produce even more oil to make up for it. After washing my face at night, I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Moisturizer. After showering in the morning or before putting on my makeup, I use normal Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. I find this combination keeps my skin moisturized without being oily or having acne. I’m not sure if there is any scientific fact to it but I only ever moisturize in an upward motion. Someone told me once that if you rub down then it will clog your pores.


I’m not big on exfoliating as I don’t want to mess with my skin’s natural balance. I do however use a Clarisonic or exfoliating face mask about once a week to prevent the buildup of dead skin. (that sounds so glamorous doesn’t it haha) Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity is my favorite because it is exfoliating without being harsh or abrasive. The only issue is that I can never pronounce the name of it.


I’m a firm believer that diet affects everything. I’ve recently eliminated oil from my diet. I don’t even use olive oil or coconut oil to cook with. Every time I do have some kind of fried food, chips or another snack high in oil, I notice it in my skin. It is important to keep your face clean as well as your diet.


What are your holy grail skincare products? I’d love to hear some suggestions of products to try out! Comment down below

2016: The Year of Realizing Things

Just as Kylie Jenner predicted, this was a year of just, like realizing things. In 2016 I did not learn who I am, I did not fall in love, and I did not become financially grounded.

However, I did learn that two coffees a day give me sufficient energy and make for a healthy digestive tract.

I learned that Jägermeister is absolutely the most disgusting liquor. Why would anyone chose to drink that?! Never again.

I learned that in Germany you must buy a train ticker or you might get arrested (I’ll tell you more about that one a bit later)

I learned that some places have outdoor escalators and it’s the most amazing architectural decision I’ve ever witnessed. Seriously, just a random escalator in a city neighborhood.

I learned that donkey riding is not comfortable. Like at all.

I learned that I’m extroverted. I had no idea! T god for an online quiz that told me.

I learned, from the absurd number of hours I spend watching Greys Anatomy, how to be a doctor. It’s a beautiful day to save lives.

I learned that some people really take offense to being called an asshole. Sorry, the truth hurts.

I learned that Spanish wine is fantastic and costs like $5 a bottle. It makes almost anything else taste like absolute piss. Except maybe a nice bottle from Napa.

I learned how to ride a quad. Super easy.

I learned not to take three languages in school at once. Not easy.

I learned that Europeans have no idea what real Mexican food tastes like. Don’t get me wrong, they do have Mexican restaurants but it is surely not the same as in the United States or Mexico.

I learned about the different levels of poo. The highest being level 11: taking a poo in the woods and making eye contact with an animal who is also taking a poo.


Obviously there was so much realizing that happened in 2016, so much learning. My brain might explode because of all the realizing and learning I did. Cheers to 2017. Bye.