DIY Large Greek Letters 

Hey y’all. Let’s get our DIY on! I hope I can be an inspiration to you since I literally suck at any kind of crafts and these didn’t end up being a total disaster. So if I can do it, you can do it! I believe in you! Anyways these are pretty popular in Greek life. Girls always have their letter hung in their room but there are either pictures online of small ones or super large letters. So here were my options, pay $100 for some online or use my dad’s tools and a bit of elbow grease to make some dope glitter ones. 


•4ft x 4ft x 1/2 inch piece of whatever wood you want



•jigsaw or some tool to cut it out


•glitter duh

•Modge podge 

•acrylic spray sealer (Modge podge is the best)

So first things first, print out your letters in the font you want on paper that can be used in a projecter (ours needs special transparent paper). Then project your letters onto a wall covered in paper and trace that bitch

Once it’s traced, cut that bitch out. I taped up the paper cut out on the wall to make sure it was the proper size and the font looked dope. 

Once it passes those tests, trace it on the wood

Then have your wonderful father cut that bitch out with some power tools. Thanks dad 

Then sand it til it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom 

Next comes the fun part! (I spray painted it first just to make sure no one could see my mistakes when I glittered it) what you gotta do is slap some Modge podge on your letters and pour glitter all over it. Like a lot of glitter. Get that shit everywhere. Leave it for about an hour until it dries a bit and then channel your inner Taylor swift and shake it off. 

Last step it to seal that all in. So don’t be gentle with the sealer spray. You’re gonna need a lot of it. 

Oh wait I lied. The actual last step is to hang it up. And thank your dad for his help. And tah dah! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 


Spilling The Beans on Sorority Secrets 

Get your monograms ready! I’m here to dish the dirt. Not actual dirt but rather things that surprised me about joining Greek life. Not boring things though, there’s some doozies in here. Here we go

-there’s drama. Like kind of a lot. Mostly petty stuff.

-it’s a time commitment. Who’s ready for chapter meetings!

-it costs money but so does literally everything else in the world

-you have to put yourself out there. Surprise! Friendships don’t just magically  develop, it takes effort.

-pictures of everything, everyday, all the time

-you miss them even just during thanksgiving break

-your gdi (God damn independent aka not in Greek life) friends will get tired of how often you talk about your house but you won’t care because Greek life is your life.

-there are rules to follow. Don’t worry though. As long as you don’t get arrested or post pictures underage drinking you’ll be fine.

-sorority girls really do love Starbucks. And uggs. And going to Starbucks in their uggs

-Lilly Pulitzer is queen

-I guarantee that every single member watches Netflix.

-we love a good themed party. Sorry, “function.” Get your togas ready!

-there are rules when it comes to wearing your letters. Just be a presentable, non thot person and you’ll be fine.

-people look at you confused when you call them your sisters

-you will quickly master the sorority squat

-chants and songs and chants and songs

-big/little is a huge deal. Like the hugest deal

-you throw what you know at every waking moment

-they are the sisters I never had but always wanted

In all seriousness though, going Greek is one decision that I have never regretted. It’s nearly the end of winter break and I am so excited to see them! I miss them so much. #gogreek

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