Holy Grail Skincare

This has been a transformative year for my skin. And you lucky ducks get to hear all my secrets. First, a little bit of background. I never had super bad acne but I just always had a few spots, some discoloration and anywhere that there was a pimple, a scar was left behind. On top of that, I have incredibly sensitive skin so a lot of skincare products would make my acne worse.


When I was in Greece over the summer, a wonderful little salesman at the market told me I just HAD to try his donkey milk bar soap. He said “You buy this today and tomorrow you come back and buy another one” (because I would love it so much). He also promised it would clear up any acne that I had. So I succumbed to the pressure and bought it. That was the best £4 I’ve ever spent. The soap is light and not drying and cleans my skin without being abrasive. People always turn their noses up when I tell them that I wash my face with donkey milk soap but this is the closest thing to a miracle product that I’ve ever found. Also rumor has it that Cleopatra loved taking donkey milk baths so maybe I’ll turn into some gorgeous Egyptian queen now.

P.S. I only wash my face at night once I have taken all of my makeup off using Simple Makeup Wipes. More than this messes up the skin’s natural balance.


Even with acne or access oil, it is important to keep your skin moisturized or it may begin to produce even more oil to make up for it. After washing my face at night, I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Moisturizer. After showering in the morning or before putting on my makeup, I use normal Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. I find this combination keeps my skin moisturized without being oily or having acne. I’m not sure if there is any scientific fact to it but I only ever moisturize in an upward motion. Someone told me once that if you rub down then it will clog your pores.


I’m not big on exfoliating as I don’t want to mess with my skin’s natural balance. I do however use a Clarisonic or exfoliating face mask about once a week to prevent the buildup of dead skin. (that sounds so glamorous doesn’t it haha) Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity is my favorite because it is exfoliating without being harsh or abrasive. The only issue is that I can never pronounce the name of it.


I’m a firm believer that diet affects everything. I’ve recently eliminated oil from my diet. I don’t even use olive oil or coconut oil to cook with. Every time I do have some kind of fried food, chips or another snack high in oil, I notice it in my skin. It is important to keep your face clean as well as your diet.


What are your holy grail skincare products? I’d love to hear some suggestions of products to try out! Comment down below


Fancy Seeing You Here

Welcome to my blog aka public diary. If the title was available this would be called “let me share too much information while telling you personal stories and you will maybe laugh at me as I try to find my way through beginning adulthood, college and Greek Life and also I like to take pictures” but I’m afraid that I’m gonna need a catchier blog handle. At this point I’m not sure what this blog is even called so here’s a reminder for me to insert the real name. I’m not really sure why I’m starting this. Mostly because I need a place to post pictures besides Instagram and maybe to share my thoughts. You probably don’t actually want to hear those but just in case you wanted a glimpse into the life of a 20 year old college student, today is your day! Congratulations! I’m mostly starting this as a place to keep my photos and be creative. I’ve also heard that people get free stuff so let’s face it, that’s the real reason I’m doing this. As soon as this goes public, I’ll be sitting by the fireplace waiting for my notifications to start going crazy with all brands who want to send me stuff. I’ve actually been typing journal entries for a while because sometimes I physically can’t write. Maybe I’ll get more into that sometime later. That’s much more of a 5th date kind of thing. Like a we know each other a bit more, getting a little bit serious and willing to be more vulnerable kind of thing.

So here’s a tiny bit about me. I’m 20, as previously mentioned and a college student, also mentioned. I try my absolute hardest to do as little school work as possible while maintaining my grades. Studying is not really my forte which is not something you would guess for a perspective teacher. I do however enjoy making plans to “study” with friends and then do about 7 minutes of studying and fuck around the rest of the time. It’s a pretty good life. Hmmm, what else about me. I’m going to tell you something a little bit scary in the next sentence but don’t click away just yet. Are we ready? I’m gluten free and vegan. Ok, it’s out. How many of you are still here? Don’t worry guys, I won’t try to shove it down your throat to stop eating animal products. I’m actually not vegan because of animal rights, I’m simply allergic to pretty much everything. Also gluten free, not for the lifestyle but again, because my body hates me. Anyways, that’s not exciting. Are you even still reading this?

A biography about me would not be complete without gloating about my family. I love them, dysfunction and all. I have four brothers, and my parents of course. My little brother is the cutest thing. He’s 16 though and doesn’t like to be called cute so don’t tell him I said that. Pretty much every holiday, Gabe, my little brother, and I go wheeling. So stay tuned for pictures of that. My life is basically me trying to balance conservative podunk Grants Pass, Oregon and going to a liberal university. It doesn’t always work out well. Actually it’s often, for lack of better terms, a clusterfuck. But who’s life isn’t a clusterfuck, am I right? When I’m home in Grants Pass, I’m in the mountains, doing photoshoots with friends and hiking with my puppy. At school it’s all Greek Life and grades. Ah to be 20.

Wow did anyone make it through that? I could hardly make it through that myself. And it’s my life. This is going to be a rough ride. You ready?